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    I bought a brand new Note 5 (on ebay) , put my sim card in it, and started using it. Within a week or so, a few issues developed. One is the screen, the software in general, goes crazy or haywire is the best way to describe it. When I open up Google Maps for example, and I try typing in an address, the keyboard that I am trying to type with keeps appearing and disappearing, coming up and down. The same issue with the software not running smoothly, similar to what happens w/Maps, happens with all other programs as well. Also, there is a strange beeping sound that happens all the time unless I turn the volume for "notifications" all the way down all the time. Otherwise, it seems like its going to explode from the constant beeping, which sounds like the same sound when you plug in a charger. There is definately something funky up here, I know this is not supposed to be how it works, and I since I bought it on ebay, I do not know where to take it to get it looked at, but if I have to pay to fix a phone I just spent $700 on 2 weeks after purchase, I will go back to iphone. Any thoughts/suggestions?
    10-10-2015 06:03 AM
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    It may be worth trying a Factory Reset. Let us know if you need advice about backing up everything that you can.

    A bad experience with one Android is not a reason to return to iPhones, wonderful though those devices are. Most Android devices do not give trouble of the sort you describe.

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    10-10-2015 07:25 AM

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