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    i recently acquired my mothers old samsung galaxy s3 simce she bought the new s6. now, before she gave it to me, she had to have the dropped it and took it into some shop and they said she needed to get the LCD replaced because it was slowley blue down the screen. now i've had it for about 4 weeks, and have dropped it probably twice, and nothing has happened. I only just dropped it about half an hour ago,i was prepared for the worst, but when i examined the outside of the phone, nothing was damaged, the screen wasn't cracked, nothing, but when i went to turn it on, the screen flashed pink and blue for a second, then it went black. i locked the screen again, and then turned it on, and a blue line flashes down the right side, but thats it, thats all that happens whenever i try to press the unlock buttons. the touch buttons on the bottom are lit up, the LED notification light still works. i tried to do a hard reset, and also put the phone in recovery mode, but it can't see anything, all i get is the flash of the blue line, and thats it. Sorry for the long read, is it just the LCD? if so, can i just get it replaced at one of those chinese knock-off phone case stores in the middle of a mall, or is it another problem altogether?
    10-10-2015 08:37 AM
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    A remote diagnosis is not really possible. The drops may have caused damage to the screen, and/or to things other than the screen. How much money you want to throw at it in repair work is up to you, but a non-committal diagnosis from a repairer may be worthwhile.

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    10-10-2015 08:46 AM

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