1. Lamensterms's Avatar

    Just getting into using the Play Newsstand. It seems like and ok reader/feed reader.

    But I'm struggling to get my head around how it selects which articles to show and not show.

    I would like to only show articles from sources I have subscribed to, but it seems the Newsstand app shows news from other sources as well (even if I have removed the source from my library, I still get articles from it).

    This seems a bit odd, does anyone know if this is how the app is supposed to work?
    10-10-2015 08:21 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It might be related to the Topics that you've chosen as well. What happens if you get rid of the Topics in My Library?
    10-10-2015 10:55 PM
  3. Lamensterms's Avatar
    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    That's what I'm confused about. Are the 'Topics' simply pages of themed content from multiple sources? I feel the sources for the 'Topics' should only be gathered from sources listed in 'My Library>News'. Or at least there should be an option for that set up. Is that not the case?
    10-10-2015 11:32 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I haven't tested that out. My suspicion is that Topics pulls from a curated selection of sources--so that's why I suggested eliminating all of them as a test, and see if it just shows articles from your specific News sources.
    10-11-2015 12:27 AM
  5. Lamensterms's Avatar
    Ah yes.

    Well it turns out that each 'Topic' is a page/tab on the 'Read Now' page. So removing all the topics left me with just the single 'Highlights' tab on the 'Read Now' page. The 'Highlights' tab is populated with news from a combination of my own added sources and other misc sources (other sources I am not interested in).
    10-11-2015 01:41 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Then my guess is that we're stuck with the curated sources. Might be worth sending Google some feedback on this.
    Lamensterms likes this.
    10-11-2015 03:48 PM
  7. Lamensterms's Avatar
    Thanks B. Diddy.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    10-11-2015 04:03 PM

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