1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi! (Sorry for my English)Since the lollipop update to my s5 plus has some problems (snapdragon 805) sometimes the phone gets extremely hot and laggy...but if i power it off and wait for few second and power it back on....after that everything runs super smooth..but after a while the lag problem occurs... and i need to power off my device again.I think it might be due to an app..i think about factory reset but google is autodownloading all my old apps.How can i solve the lag and overheatproblem?And how can i make google not autoinstall all my old apps after factory reset?
    Thank you very much!
    10-12-2015 10:29 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    When you factory reset and setup the device, be sure to not check "backup and restore" from the setup wizard. It's best to manually install and update the apps to see if that helps with the overheating problems.
    10-12-2015 10:57 AM

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