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    My Toshiba satellite P755 kept popping a message to update my OS to Windows 10; the only choices I had was to accept it right away or to schedule the updating. Well, one day I was just tired of seeing the message popping again and again and I accepted the update just to later realize my scroll pad and FN key (and this covers many other keys) stopped working. As you know this is a huge inconvenience since I can't even modify my computer's brightness directly from the keyboard or scroll the pages up and down really fast as I used to do (one of the best features of this model in my opinion).
    Have anyone encounter the same problem? Can I fix it / how?
    Would you mind explain the answer as simple or detailed as possible? Clearly, I'm not an expert in these topics by any means :-/
    10-12-2015 06:41 PM

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