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    My phone is a ZTE ZMAX; the Range Extender, which was put in by a well intentioned fellow who called it a router, is a teeny Netgear Universal Wireless Range Extender. The wireless signal is part of a cable package from Comcast, and the box is two years old, situated in a place where a device intended to support a shared wireless network should not be. And far from my room. And so ineffective that the introduction of the Netgear device - of some sort of device or change in configuration - was the only way for me to be able to make or receive phone calls that were truly important, ssand totally missed, the connection so poor that voice mails left for me never made it onto my phone and people whose trust I needed so they might enter into a financial arrangements that would allow me to acquire humble (yet wildly expensive - I live in th SF Bay Area - where working people making what used to be decent money - teachers - have been pushed out of their cities by rich millennials ready to spend too much money for condo converted apartments and starter houses with the windfall earnings they earn by working for start up companies that are showered with venture capital based upon rhe optimistic financial money guys who consider it no problem that the receipients of their largesse have never showed a profit for say, a decade or longer. Sorry. Gonna cross that word limit. I'll lose that rant/passage/obstacle to elegant and economical problem statement and problem solution \if I don't have to leave for some lab work.

    So, I would be really grateful if you or some other technolically gifted enthusiast dedicated to sharing knowledge because they love the technology and are not scared of it like people who write all of those dystiopian blockbusters (The Martian: not only a good book, not only good science in the context of fiction, but a welcome respite from Ex Machina, The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.) if you could give me even so conjecture as ro whether ] a range extender will cure problems that (may be - I'm no expert) the result of an outdated router type device with a signal inordinately wea And maybe let me know why I'm getting a signal that seems to be both robust and flawed,\
    Thank you,

    Harold R.
    10-12-2015 06:55 PM

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