1. AC Question's Avatar
    We received business cards with a chip so the 5S can copy the information. The instructions are:
    - Go to settings > wireless & Networks > More (doesn't list "more"), then tap on the NFC switch to activate(???)
    Could you clarify these instructions, i.e. is wireless Wi-Fi, how do I find "more" in the networks listing, and What is NFC sad for?

    Thank you for your time with this matter.

    10-13-2015 12:11 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    NFC stands for 'Near Field Communications'. It's basically an action that is triggered by proximity between an NFC receiver and an NFC Transmitter (likely the NFC chip in the business card has been programmed to trigger a Contact Card and input the data automatically in your phone).

    Now, I'm guessing you have a Galaxy S5 (not 5S, unless you have an iPhone and you're in the wrong forums and also your phone wouldn't have NFC if that were the case). There, you should have a quick-access button to turn NFC on and off by pulling down on your notification bar. But if you can't see it, you should be able to find it in your Settings. It's not under WiFi, there should be either a 'More Connection Settings' option or a specific NFC section in your Network Settings.
    10-13-2015 12:56 PM

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