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    LG G4 leather back and battery rebate / promo. I purchased my phone on 7/23/15 and received an e mail acknowledging approval of the rebate and an ID#.
    I NEVER RECEIVED THE COVER AND BATTERY. I have spoken with LG Support three times and have gotten no help. I have also sent two emails to the address
    given for rebate questions. STILL NO RESPONSE! Is this a scam?
    10-13-2015 03:30 PM
  2. ZenZens's Avatar
    You're not alone. I purchased my LG G4 under the free Leather Back, Battery and Charging Cradle promo on 7/20/2015, correctly filled out the form and mailed it out with all the necessary paperwork. I did this just a week after purchasing my phone to claim the free promotional items and did not receive confirmation, nor the promo items. I was told by my Verizon sales guy it would take up to 4 weeks to process, it's now been well over 3 months. In an attempt to figure all this out, I searched online and realized I should've gotten an email confirmation in the first place. Since I didn't even receive an email confirmation I decided to go through LG first, since it is an LG promo, not a Verizon one. Chatted with LG on 11/6/2015 and they provided me the email LGG4LeatherPromo at smsrebates com for inquiry about my issue. Sent them an email, 10 days went by and got absolutely no reply. Checked my "spam" folder, nothing there. Checked my "sent" folder and my message was indeed sent. Decided to then send a second email and again, nothing. Finally called Verizon today 11/16/2015 and had the loveliest representative attempt to help me out, she even called the LG Promo department with me on a conference call. The LG representative (clearly on the other side of the world *cough* India *cough*) was extremely hard to understand and kept repeating herself saying: "What is the rebate number from your email confirmation?", which I never received in the first place. Clearly she didn't understand the issue, wasn't listening or didn't care. It became so frustrating getting the story across to the LG representative, the Verizon representative on the line with me had to intervene, she asked if I could resubmit my paperwork even though the promotional period had ended, to which the LG representative responded to by saying: "Yes, you can", then hanging up on us without notice. We laughed about it but in the end nothing was accomplished. I sent out my paperwork on time, never received confirmation and have no "rebate number" therefore, basically I got screwed out of my promo. Sounds like you did too, even with confirmation. I went back to the Verizon store where I purchased my phone and had them provide me with a rebate form (which I couldn't find online) and a copy of my purchase receipt. Came home, made a copy of the IMEI barcode on my phone's box and will be sending it all out again tomorrow morning in an attempt to see what happens, hoping at least the LG rep didn't lie when she said I could resubmit my papers this late past the promo period. I have a feeling LG will mess this up for me once again, possibly claiming I "missed" the promo period, but I guess it's worth a try before deciding I will never again fall for an LG promotion. Bah.
    11-16-2015 08:14 PM

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