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    My S5 is lagging and stuttering pretty badly. For example when in an app if my phone rings it cannot display the dialer controls quickly enough for me to answer the phone.

    I've done a full restore as well as switch launchers but the issue still seems to persist. Killing active apps solves the problem immediately.

    When I turn on developer mode and look at cpu usage , I see kswapd0 very active. Also in developer mode if I set all activities to clear on exit the phone works great (other than apps that launch sub apps which now don't work)

    The phone seems to struggle once memory usage hits 1.41GB/1.66GB

    I'm pretty sure I have either a bad memory chip or something in the core OS wrong - any way to verify this for sure ?

    Stock Lollipop, Tmobile , Nova Launcher

    10-13-2015 04:18 PM

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