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    I am looking to upgrade but having some trouble deciding on which phone to purchase. I've mainly looked at the S6 (not the edge) and the Droid Turbo.

    Of the two, which would you recommend? Is there something else I should look at? Or, should I wait for an upcoming model?

    I don't really use Twitter, Snapchat, etc., but check social media a few times a day, text, email. Have an iPod for music, so no use there. Wouldn't call myself a heavy user. Everyone says the s6 has awful battery life, which is one of the only reasons I would pick the Droid over the s6 right now. Will the s6 battery get me til I go to bed if I'm primarily texting and checking stuff on the internet 2 hrs a day max?

    I want a good camera, seems like the s6 wins there. S6 also looks like it would feel better in the hand, and the screen looks more pleasing. Droid looks a bit more sturdy.

    Anyways, if you could help me make a decision that would be great. I'm on Verizon and wiling to check out other phones. I wouldn't mind waiting a few months for something better and price isn't an issue.

    10-13-2015 04:47 PM

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