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    I NEED HELP!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!
    My Husband and I have the Galaxy note 3 and just purchased the Pro tablet for myself and Husband. The calendar already downloaded when we purchased them is the green calendar with 31 on it. I've been researching since my issue and the consensus is to download the google calendar it's blue with 31 on it. So I downloaded that too. I use my green calendar EVERYDAY. I put everything in it. Including my work schedule. I tried syncing it from my phone to my laptop and tablet. I know my work schedule years in advance so I like to fill it in a year in advance which takes time. I also put my appointment in it just about everyday. I'm not kidding I use this everyday. Now onto my problem.... My phone will sync everything Except my work schedule. I enter everything from my phone always. So when I go on my tablet or laptop I should see my work schedule and all my other entries. But I only see all my other entries.
    I have also downloaded the google calendar as stated above in my phone and tablet. My work schedule shows up on the google calendar on my phone but not my tablet. I made sure everything that's suppose to be checked is all the same on my phone and tablet. I synced everything numerous times, I have uninstalled and re installed all and still no go. I added my husbands email last night and he added my email address to his calendar so that we can sync together and still my work schedule is not showing up on his. What am I doing wrong. I have done the settings thing and that didn't help either. I don't know what to do. It's mind boggling. When I say I add everything from my phone I mean EVERYTHING.. No exceptions. Please someone help me!!!!!! I need my work schedule on my Husbands calendar too ugh.
    10-13-2015 07:28 PM
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    The blue calendar is the Google calendar app. The "green" calendar is the Samsung calendar app. It sounds like that green calendar app is placing appointments in the phone's internal device memory, referred to by your phone as "My Calendar". "My calendar", because it's internal to the phone, will not sync to the Google Calendar (the actual calendar, not the app on your phone), which lives up in the cloud and syncs to all of your devices. You know it's the google calendar because it's named for your gmail address. For purposes of syncing, I think Google Calendar is better.

    You can use either calendar app - the green or the blue - but you must avoid "my calendar" and make sure every appointment is being placed in the google calendar. Open the green calendar, explore your settings, and it should say something like "calendars to display". If you decide to use the green calendar app, you still need to make sure you are adding new appointments to the Google calendar within that app.
    10-13-2015 07:44 PM
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    Thank you very much. I understand it better now. I don't like it but understand it. I appreciate your help

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    10-13-2015 09:54 PM

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