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    So, i need to retrieve a wifi password on a very old phone, the samsung galaxy s1 running android 2.2.1. (reason? Well, i don't have unlimited data, so when i update apps and when those updates fail and i'm forced to update again, all it does is eat up my data, i've asked for the wifi but my dad refuses to give it up. Don't worry, he doesn't have a real reason to not give it up considering out of everyone in my family has wifi access but my phone... And if i can get the password, i can give it out to relatives/ friends that visit , yeah, he doesn't give the password to anyone, not even relatives visiting for the day).
    I can only use one click roots (no pc's since the driver refuses to install on my pc). I've tried framaroot, which says root successful, but according to root checker, it's not rooted. z4 crashes, king root got stuck at 55%, androot failed, iroot failed as well. Any other ways of rooting the phone without using a pc? Thanks
    I've looked up ways to get wifi password, but they keep saying to use root browser or es file, but that doesn't do anything since i don't have root... Thanks
    10-14-2015 11:34 AM

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