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    So I'd been using Wallet for about a year with very few problems; usually at my local supermarket, BK, McD's, CVS (until they disabled it) and Walgreens. Since upgrading to Android Pay, only the local BK's reader allows the transaction to go through. I haven't had a single successful payment anywhere else. And tonight, the it wouldn't work at local BK, so it's now utterly useless on my Galaxy S6.

    The failures occur as my phone asks me to either enter a password to back up my fingerprint, or my fingerprint itself. In either case, it's an endless loop that I can't get out of and it never authenticates. The phone is unlocked when I attempt payment.

    This is a high-level fail in my opinion. And while I detest the other mobile operating system, I may wind up moving over unless Google can get NFC actually working properly on the flagship of the Samsung line. My friends with iPhone 6 and 6s devices have never once had a failure in any of the same shops and same terminals so this is squarely on Android Pay's shoulders as far as I'm concerned.
    10-14-2015 06:36 PM

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