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    I 'accidentally' cleared the cache of the contacts storage app in an attempt to clear some space on the phone (and get rid of the annoying low space warning). Sadly (and carelessly) I do not have a backup of my contacts
    10-14-2015 11:55 PM
  2. Crashdamage's Avatar
    Clearing cache would not lose your contacts. You must have tapped Clear Data by mistake.

    Anyway, if you have been saving them to your Google (Gmail) account - and I *highly* recommend you do - you should be able to just resync them to the phone.

    If you have been saving them to Google but now they are gone, this will restore them to any point they were at in the last 30 days:


    If you did not save your contacts to Google and did not do manual backups, then sorry, but the contacts are gone.

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    10-15-2015 01:43 AM
  3. Karel Izaac's Avatar
    The contacts are just invisible to users. Actually, they are still stored on the Android phone just like deleted files on PC, which means they are totally recoverable. As far as I know, there are a few Android data recovery apps that are fully capable of recovering lost data on Android device including contacts, text messages, music, videos, etc...
    10-15-2015 03:06 AM
  4. Crashdamage's Avatar
    Karel Izaac is correct, the contacts file is actually still there, not erased, just sort of marked for deletion, eligible to be overwritten. There are some apps, DiskDigger, Easeus, Android Recovery, etc that could p;ossibly recover th data. However, they require rooting the phone. Also, the more the phone has been used since the contacts file was deleted, the poorer the chances of recovery. That's because the chances of the old data already being overwritten increase. Then it really is gone.

    Anyway, if the data has not been overwritten and if you're willing to root the phone and if you're willing to buy the software, then maybe you can recover the contacts database file. But if I remember right, it's a SQlite file. Not a human-readable text file.
    10-15-2015 07:32 AM

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