1. AC Question's Avatar
    I want to know how to split my screen please
    Xavier4201 likes this.
    10-16-2015 04:02 AM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, I don't believe that is an option on your device - it usually only comes with Samsung Phones.
    10-16-2015 05:20 AM
  3. Xavier4201's Avatar
    I have done this on my phone once trying to figure it out now will link info if I find it
    09-06-2016 07:54 PM
  4. GRIMWALD's Avatar
    I seen to recall that you could access multitasking apps. on the HTC One by tapping the home screen twice but that was three or four years ago.
    Regardless, there are multi tasking apps. in the play store. If it doesn't have it as a native ability, split screen it can still be achieved.

    09-06-2016 09:28 PM

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