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    Long story:
    So I bought a MotoE2 about 3 months ago. It has got Lollipop. Everything was fine for the first month. I downloaded legit apps and games like WhatsApp, Facebook, Shadow Fight and stuff. I never touched any developer options or anything. Just normal calling, texting, playing and things like that. And basically nothing wrong happened. But after the first month, one days the phone suddenly starts hanging a lot. Then in every 3-4 seconds messages saying "Unfortunately, play store services have stopped working" and "Unfortunately apps.google.com (or something similar) has stopped working" kept popping up. It was coming up so often that I couldn't perform any function with the phone.
    I did a factory reset and it got fixed for a day or 2. Then the same problem came up again, and this time all apps related to google stopped working, because play store services had stopped working. I took the phone to an authorised motorolla service center, where they did something called a Flash, in which they just reinstall android on the device. That too was working fine for 2 weeks, until the phone started hanging again. And this time, it hanged for 10 minutes at a stretch, and a message comes up saying "Unfortunately System UI has stopped working". There are three options Ok, Wait and Report. None of them seem to work when I tap on them (I'm assuming system UI also includes the touch screen, so it doesn't work).
    Now I don't understand if both the problems are related to each other, and if they are what I should do, and if they're not what should I do?
    Thank you to all those who read and reply
    10-16-2015 01:59 PM
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    Perform another factory reset. Except this time, don't download any apps and make sure not to restore the settings after the reset. Manually re-install your apps giving time in between each install to see if the problem starts back up. If it does, then you can tie the problem to that last downloaded app. Let us know i that helps.
    10-16-2015 02:06 PM

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