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    **Actions taken since yesterday.**

    * Did everything in this [Battery Improvement Guide] (Cannot link guide due to not having 10 posts. The guide is in the reddit sidebar of Galaxy note 4 subreddit.)

    * Updated all apps

    * Set screen brightness to very very very very low, not automatic. Literally - this far from the bottom.

    * Cleared the cache

    * Turned touch key light duration off

    * LED indicator off

    * Went to settings, device, developer options, hardware-accelerated rending, and turned off everything in that section.

    10/16/2015 3pm CST
    Phone has been up since 4am, just like usual.
    I have used it 3-4 times a hour, checking texts and responding.
    Battery life currently at 24%.

    **GSam Battery Monitor Readings**

    * Used 76% in 11h 10m 6.8%/h - 5h 8m Active

    * Phone 0%

    * Screen 22%

    * Phone Radio 4%

    * Wifi Active 5%

    * Held Awake 1%

    * Bluetooth 0%

    * App usage **68%**

    **App usage details**
    **67.9% of battery consumed by:**

    * Android System 28.7%

    * Google play services 7.7%

    * Phone 7.4%

    * Kernel (Android OS) 6.7%

    * System UI 4.9%

    * Rest are less than 1%

    *Conclusion.. The 5.1.1 update destroyed my battery. The screen brightness and Android services are raping it for almost 50% of the usage.

    ALSO- I have a theory that every time a big company like Apple or Samsung comes out with the new iPhone 6s or Note 5 for example, they come out with "Updates". These "Updates" are optimized for the newer phones, but they are suppose to "help" the older phones (iPhone 5s, Note 4). However, they "Updates" kill the performance of the older phones and make you upgrade to the newer most recent phones. It only makes sense. That is why I never try and update, and when I'm forced to do it like in this situation, I always get screwed.
    10-16-2015 03:46 PM
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    Android System seems to be what is mainly causing your battery drain. It may be active for a while following the update, then settle down.

    I have to say that none of my phones - Android, iOS or WP - has ever run badly following a system or firmware update, apart from the odd bug which usually gets fixed in subsequent point updates. Even my iPhone 4s, an old phone by phone standards, runs well on iOS 9.0.2....not far behind my 5s, running the same version. I use unlocked, carrier-software-free phones, which may or may not be relevant.

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    10-16-2015 04:03 PM

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