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    I downloaded Advanced Power Menu from Xposed Module. Then I added a "reboot to recovery" option to my power button menu. When rebooting to recovery to test it out, I get the fore mentioned error. I don't think my phone had a recovery mode to begin with. Setting up a boot to recovery option without have a recovery mode seems to be a stupid mistake. I am using an LG L39C Tracfone (AKA LG Optimus Dynamic 2). Some times it says 'lgsetupwizard has stopped' and other times 'home has stopped'. When it says 'home has stopped' I can pull down the status bar and use the toggles but long presses result in the status bar immediately going back up and the error again. I have searched and searched for solutions on the Internet, but the phone seems to be pretty unpopular. I could really use some advice, anything would help.
    10-16-2015 10:12 PM

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