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    I have an LG optimus G. The touch screen is broken so i cannot do anything on it. I have a couple notes in the Memo app (not the quickmemo feature) that came with the phone that I would like to retrieve. Where are these memo files located once i connect the phone to my computer? Thanks.
    10-17-2015 11:43 AM
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    I have made it to find out up to a point on a similar issue for my LG Optimus E610 (touch still works but can't see a thing):
    - the memo app stores the notes in /internal_storage/memo
    - the notes are files with no ending with names of the pattern <number>_scr
    - pictures are included twice each: one <number>__thumb@jpg and one <number>_<anotherNumber>_img@jpg (both without ending)
    basically found out by the pictures, because I copied the files with Windows Explorer and gave them the ending .jpg and then recognized them as the ones I inserted into my notes
    can someone help any further? what ending do these files "hide", and how to convert them to PC-readable TXTs? (could try porting them to my new X150 but the new cloud-based note app is kind of meh)
    alternatively, you can give us where to find the source code for the memo app so I could look it up
    attached some screenshots of what I found out
    Attached Thumbnails LG optimus stock memo app file location-memo.png   LG optimus stock memo app file location-memo_pics.png   LG optimus stock memo app file location-memo_picdecrypted.png  
    04-12-2016 03:29 AM

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