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    My Hudl2 running under Kitkat 4.4.1 worked fine as a standalone WiFi hotspot (nothing to do with 3G or 4G and not connected to the internet). I have been viewing and controlling my laptop chart plotter software wirelessly from the Hudl2 for 6 months or more. This was setup on the Hudl2 as follows:

    Access "Settings" then under "Wireless & Networks" select "More" then "Tethering & portable Hotspot".
    Now "Setup WiFi hotspot". Create a Network Name and a password.
    Now enable "Portable WiFi hotspot".

    This disables normal WiFi and sets the Hudl2 as a network hotspot.

    This hotspot was then visible as a network location to any PCs within about 30 feet. This enabled me to wirelessly connect my laptop to the Hudl2 (using the above network name and passord) and then use TCP/IP or UDP data transfer from the laptop to the Hudl2, or, using applications like Splashtop or Teamview to mirror the laptop screen onto the Hudl2 screen.

    This all worked perfectly until the upgrade to Lollipop 5.1.

    Under Lollipop, the hotspot set up and switch-on looks just the same in the Hudl2 "Settings" section but the hotspot is no longer visible to the laptop or any other network device.

    Is this peculiar to the Hudl2 or is this a general bug in Lollipop accross all Android devices?
    10-17-2015 12:39 PM

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