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    My Verizon HTC MAX ONE is having issues that I haven't found solutions for... not happy over here.

    The power button started to act weird a few weeks ago and the phone would have fits where the home button would trigger screenshots and I needed to press the volume up key to stop the attack.

    I tried to factory reset and the phone just rebooted. Nothing erased or changed. Fastboot is disabled.

    I let the battery run out and it rebooted when I restored power.

    Eventually the power button stopped functioning, except if you wanted to reboot with power/ volume up.

    Otherwise, the phone could only be rebooted by selecting factory reset.

    I got into setup by holding down the volume on a reboot, but the moment I select recovery mode, the phone reboots right away. No recovery mode.

    After looking at a ton of forums, I tried to pour a little alcohol into the power button while pressing it and it started to regain functionality, but...

    When you select power-off, the phone reboots. The phone had no ability to power off and stay off, even from a functioning power button.

    S-lock is on and the bootloader is locked. The phone is (sadly) is unrooted.

    I want to factory reset this baby and find a way to further free the power button because the alcohol only gives me a small reprieve. Any ideas?
    10-18-2015 01:27 AM
  2. radiolightning's Avatar
    The above question was from me. I forgot to also mention:

    I was able to enter safe mode and the same issues happened.
    I also tried taking the SD card out etc.

    When I factory reset, I select "erase all data" and the phone never shows any sort of reset menu; it just reboots normally.
    10-18-2015 01:33 AM

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