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    Apparently Samsung has combined the Action Memo app with the S-Note app. Fine. When I opened the "Action Memo" app it asked me if I wanted to import my Action Memos into S-Note. I clicked "OK" and it did something. Now I have, in S-Note, this cool stack of....blank notes. In fact, there are 37 of them. (There were over 100 Action Memos originally). The only thing it showed me as a note was a brand-new one I just created to try to find out WTH happened....

    Now....looking thru the file manager, I found all of what seemed to be the requisite files (Action Memo, .actionmemo, and the new one under SNote Data). Copied the "old" files (still there as .qspd's and .jpg's) to the "new" location in SNote Data (where the new memo and 37 blank ones appeared to be stored).

    No result. At all.

    Tried renaming the files to the new .spd format.....file manager will not let me change file extension.

    So....it would appear that all of my old notes are indeed still in my phone, but I can't get the app to recognize them. Can someone tell me how to make this happen??

    10-18-2015 10:57 AM
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    Use another file manager (like ES File Explorer) to rename .qspd to .spd, then put those files under root folder Snotedata (or inside another folder in there). If you put it inside the already existant "Action memo" folder, it won't work (they won't appear).

    My Action Memo app stopped working after Android latest update here. S-Note tried to import the memos, but failed - and after that, Action Memo app wouldn't open anymore. I solved it by opening the app manager and by deleting Action Memo's cache and data, then manually moving the memos to SNote folder.
    11-25-2015 10:17 AM

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