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    I've been using Podcast Addict as a podcast app on Android, to be honest I'm not unhappy with it either. But I'd like to perhaps try some alternatives to test the water, as I picked it more or less at random.

    Basically my only absolute requirement is that it has an option to download the podcasts to the phone - I tend to listen to them in a room at work which doesn't have WiFi (no it's not a typical office!).

    In an ideal world the app would also:

    i) Be able to migrate my history of listened podcasts from Podcast Addict, and preferably back again.
    ii) Have a good UI - in terms of functionality, not modernity. Old-fashioned and clunky's fine if the functionality's good. Material design a big no-no, I dislike it aesthetically and functionally so...
    10-18-2015 02:48 PM

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