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    Okay, here's the thing guys.
    I recently traded my iPhone 6 for a Galaxy S6 Edge, and am having problems with the text messages. I wont receive messages from ANYONE on my contact list that exceed 160 characters. (I understand after 160 characters, an SMS turns into MMS, but am not getting them).

    My phone (S6 Edge) is unlocked, but the original provider is Sprint (I dont know if this will make a huge difference, or a difference at all).
    I have called Samsung, they said they could not really help me (I did all the troubleshooting before calling them).
    I also called Rogers (Provider I am with), and they said that its a problem on the other end with people not having their MMS enabled, even though all my contacts have MMS enabled. 2 of my friends have the S6 and have not had any problems with this at all.
    Note: I can send and receive pictures.

    I am currently using Textra as my messaging app (don't criticize my choice, I like the simplicity of it).

    Here is the trouble shooting I personally did.
    -I tried using the default messaging app, nothing.
    -I tried using 3 other messaging apps (forget which ones), nothing.
    -I sent myself a message over 160 characters, and I received it with no problem.
    -I sent myself a picture message and also received it with no problem.
    -I reset my APN settings, manually entered them.
    -I have my iMessage disabled for this phone number (I disabled it before trading the phone and went on Apple.com to disable it once again to make sure, and it said it was disabled).
    -I factory restored my phone, still nothing.
    -I configured my MMS settings manually with the help of Tech Support, nothing.

    This is a really frustrating issue and I cannot find a solution to this anywhere.
    I am loving the S6 Edge, and the Android OS, but this is really bothering me as I have co-workers and people I text on a regular basis.
    The last thing I could think of, is getting a new Sim Card, but Rogers said that will do absolutely nothing.

    If you guys have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

    10-19-2015 02:26 PM
  2. Jennifer P's Avatar
    I'm having same issue but mine seems to be only from iphone users. My mom doesn't have iphone and no data and I will receive her text messages. I haven't been able to try with other phones such as samsung yet, but hope to be able to soon. It seems this didn't start till the OS update to 5.1.1 or the 5.0. I never had this problem before these updates.
    03-21-2016 10:40 PM

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