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    Hello, my name is Cody and I am kind of new to rooting and flashing custom roms and all that. I have noticed that you guys are very informed about what you are doing from scrolling through many forums trying to find a fix for my problem and I am hoping that you can help.

    I successfully rooted and flashed a custom rom onto my note 3 and i haven really had any issues yet and i have a secondary number and phone that i wanted to try to do the same thing to (note 2). Well i downloaded all the nessisary files to root, load TWRP, and flash a custom rom. well when i went to flash the custom recovery to my phone i tried to do it the non-root way using odin (didn't have it rooted at the time, was kind of experimenting). I flashed it and it rebooted and when it came back on it showed i had no network connection (no 3G, no LTE, not even the signal bars) i further investigated it and noticed that when i went into my about phone and looked at the status, almost everything is unknown, no available, or disconnected. I have been looking everywhere online for a fix and I have found a few forums that kind of relate but none that relate everything. can you please help me fix this? oh and i should mention that my original backup i made after i loaded up TWRP is now stuck in a bootloop (stuck on the Samsung boot animation screen) so im not sure what to do.. i was hoping that doing a factory reset, clearing all the davicks and system would maybe fix it once i loaded up a custom rom but it hasnt and i am stuck..

    Oh and I have Sprint, forgot to include that up there.
    10-20-2015 01:00 AM

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