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    Last week my phone was stolen; over the course of the week the thief finally activated it for personal use. How do I know? Because he is logged into my WhatsApp account and posted a new profile picture. So now, when my family or friends look at their contacts list, there is my avatar and his...listed under the same original (my current) phone #. All I did was call my provider (T-Mobile) and disabled the SIM card, but it seems as though the registered # on WhatsApp is still mine. My question is, then, is there any way for me to track this person since we're signed into the same account and I have full access? Please tell me there's a way...I'd so love to know I can give the police an exact location and get my phone back. It was a Galaxy S3; I'm currently using an S5. Thanks in advance...
    10-20-2015 02:16 AM

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