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    I own a Vivo Xshot which till recently used to work perfectly (bought in from China and using it in Greece). After -most probably- an incomplete OTA update, I am facing the following issues:

    1. I have lost the root of the device
    2. I cannot enter the recovery mode (I used to have cofface I think) from the buttons and from the fastboot menu.. It stacks on the logo screen
    3. When I enter fastboot, I see that: Device is locked and Device tempered = true
    4. When I connect the phone via USB (I have all drives installed) under "USB drive function" the SD card is shown as SD H:/. When I choose MTP, it is shown as Vivo Xshot (which means that the drivers are correctly installed).
    5. However, the internal storage is not vissible (I have tried different cables, PCs, cleaning the USB, etc - and USB debugging is on). Moreover, it seems that the internal storage is set to read only
    6. Strangly, even without being connected via USB, the phone is stacked in storage mode. All the apps that were stored in the internal memory are not vissible and when I try to enter e.g. the photo album I get a message "not available in storage mode"
    7. The phone can receive and make calls, browse, install apks from Google play etc... But whatever is linked with the internal memory is not accessible
    8. The device is vissible in adb, but when I try to flash a recovery image, it says that failed because device is locked..

    Any suggestions? How can I unstack the phone from the fake storage mode? Any ways to flash a recovery without being rooted and with locked bootloader? Where can I find the stock recovery for this phone?

    Android version is 4.4.2 - Snapdragon 801, 3.7.0 International ROM

    Many thanks in advance for your help.. I have spend many many hours searching this and asking around, but nothing is working so far..
    10-20-2015 03:13 PM

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