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    Starting recently, the Note 4 stylus causes problems:

    (1) scrolling up is OK but a little more difficult than before, but the stylus causes the screen to scroll down when the stylus is lifted from the screen. Never before could scroll when stylus was lifted from screen;

    (2) Typing on keyboard causes adjacent letter or numbers to be selected, so that the typed characters have many unwanted characters displayed as well. These need to be removed by backspacing, but selecting characters for backpacking is difficult.

    (3) Using writing input tablet is useless: the letters or numbers respond as written when the stylus is touching the tablet, but lifting the stylus from the tablet results in marks shown as the stylus is moved about in the air above the tablet, as if the stylus is still touching the screen.

    I've tried switching several stylus features off in the Samsung Galaxy stylus control, but no change in bad behavior. Could the stylus be faulty?
    10-21-2015 11:05 PM

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