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    I keep my main music library on my PC ... all MP3 files ... folder structure on the PC is:

    "master folder" ie: My Music

    (sub folder) = artist name ie: Billy Joel
    (subfolder) = album name ie: The Bridge
    (subfolder) = tracks ie: 01-Running On Ice.mp3

    (subfolder = 52nd Street
    (subfolder) = tracks

    And so on and so forth

    If there are tracks that are not part of any particular album, the just sit in the artist folder.

    I've also got 6 or 7 playlists that hold individual songs at the first level in the folder (ie: Playlist1 Folder; song 1 - song 2 - song 3 ... song 9999. No, I don't have 9,999 songs in a playlist, just an example.

    For portability, I want to put these on a 64G SD card inserted into the phone. On the phone, for simplicity (I don't need anything fancy) I use Google Play Music app

    So, does anyone have any recommendations for how to keep these folder structures in the best structure for use on the SD card? I suppose there are Android apps that would work well with the already existing structure that's on the PC?

    To what, if any degree does Google Play Music use the MP3 tags for organizing, displaying, etc?

    Thanks ... Phil
    10-22-2015 12:20 PM

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