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    I have just upgraded to Samsung S6 phone and Tablet S2. On both I use the stock Email app, the only one allowed/authorised by my work, connected to our Exchange Server. No problems on the phone one. The tablet one, set up with exactly the same credentials and settings, seems randomly to be missing emails from the inbox.

    I can even hold the devices side by side and the inboxes have slightly different contents. I have tried wiping the account from the tablet and re-entering all the details manually, several times. It works perfectly, with all emails displaying, until I reset the tablet, at which point random emails have disappeared from the inbox.

    I have also played around with sync settings for push/every 15 minutes/manual etc. with no luck. Same for "sync period" - and anyway, the missing emails are at random times, not all before a certain date. I have cleared the cache's and data in Application Manager, and removed the account itself from the device, several times. No luck - or, rather, it fixes the problem perfectly but then immediately reverts to randomly missing emails after a short while, or after I reset the tablet.

    How can my tablet have different inbox contents from my phone and desktop for the one account?! Any advice would be really appreciated. I have read through quite a few different threads with various email issues now, but none quite seems to apply to my case.
    10-22-2015 05:21 PM
  2. Zantovich's Avatar
    I am seeing the exact same thing! I also have a Tab S2 and S6 phone. No problem on the phone or desktop, but the tablet is randomly missing emails!
    11-12-2015 03:46 PM

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