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    Hello, this may seem crazy, but when I bought my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime G530M, 4.4.4, With LTE and NFC, the South America version, I rooted it, and it was all nice, till I reached a point I had so many apps installed that I just reset the phone to factory settings(I don't know if it was still rooted or I re-rooted) And later on, I un-rooted to test how it works in case I need it fast, and it was very easy, so I rooted it back again. After a few months I accidentally changed my DPI from its default to 120 I think, and I restarted it, here is when all happened.
    I couldn't turn it on, I searched on google, nothing, I searched on all forums and asked around, nothing, so I just went to that SamMobile page to download my firmware, it was downloading at an awesome speed of 15kb/s, ****** page.

    So I got it! I was very happy and all and I flashed the phone and surprisingly it worked very well, and I just noticed I didn't have root, so I went to root it with the same files that I used before, and it does not work.

    Odin says RESET and my phone resets, after a while that the phone is turned on it says PASS! and it just does nothing, tried installed different firmwares from different countries, different root methods, tried ALL and I can't root it, I'm stuck in this for 2 months now and I REALLY NEED ROOT, that's the only reason why I like prefer Android over IPhone

    Thanks a lot if you have read this and keep in mind that I'm from Argentina, I have 15 years so I don't speak english properly, I learned by myself playing games and solving problems with involved english, THANKS!
    10-22-2015 09:24 PM

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