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    Hi... I am currently facing an issue with my S4. I have been using this phone for past 1 year. Recently my S4 started giving me problems... As soon as I turned my cell phone on... My cell phone's screen started flickering with yellowish shade at the lower part of screen. I restarted the phone, tried rebooting. Tried power button +volume button + main menu button at the same time but nothing worked so far. Now the issue has gotten worse. my cell phone screen's display is all black... I can hear my cell opening apps up but screen wont show anything. After about 3 minutes or so when the phone is a little warm then I lock my cell and unlock again and sometimes then my phone starts working and sometimes it doesn't. Does anyone know how to fix as my cell has never been dropped and is in A1 condition.
    Eagerly awaiting some kind of fix so that I can resolve my issue. Thanks
    10-22-2015 10:56 PM

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