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    I have recently upgraded my ancient Galaxy S2 to a 128gb Samsung micro sd card from a Sandisk 64gb.

    Now for some reason it won't allow me to move my apps to the external sd card. When I go to Applications and click on move to sd card I get the error, "Can't move app. Not enough storage space." but it's showing I have 56gb free.

    Yet when I put my old 64gb Sandisk card back in my phone, the apps move over no problem. Both the old Sandisk and my new Samsung card have been formatted with fat32 so I can read it on my PC but for some reason it has an issue with the bigger card. Photos, movies and music move no problem. I have the camera set to external sd card storage and it reads and writes no bother. The only issue is when I come to moving apps.

    I've tried using 3rd party apps to move them like "App2SD" and "Link2SD" etc but it still throws up the same error.

    Presumably because it works OK with my old card then the issue has to be with the 128gb card and not the phone right? It reads the capacity and free space correctly. BTW I'm on Android v4.03. Any ideas why it won't move app data? It worked fine on my old card.
    10-23-2015 02:21 PM
  2. The W12ard's Avatar

    Been racking my brains on this for days then saw a post on another forum that said something about certain phones/versions of Android etc. that don't seem to like it when your free storage space is over 32gb or more than the phone was designed to handle.

    So here's what I did...

    My 128gb card was showing that I had 56gb free so I filled the external sd card with about 25gb of data (music, videos etc.) until the free space went below 32gb. Hey presto! After this my phone allowed me to move my apps from internal to the external storage without any errors. As a result I've managed to free up almost half a gig of space in the partition allocated for app files. I now have enough space free on the internal storage to download some more games.

    The reason it worked on my old 64gb card was because it was almost full. Hope this helps as I've been searching everywhere for a solution with little results.
    10-23-2015 05:52 PM

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