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    Nexus 5x.

    Using native Google Calendar App.

    - Set up phone, Google Calendar by itself works fine.
    - Install work account (exchange server)
    - Exchange and Google Email comes through fine.
    - --- However, Exchange Calendar will not sync.

    Troubleshooting: I followed the tips here to "delete calendar data" and the exchange calendar finally populates.
    - then Reboot
    Exchange calendar no longer showing. Google calendar works.

    Now I cannot have both the Google calendar and exchange calendar working at the same time (cannot both be selected to sync). If I do not sync the Google calendar, the exchange calendar does work though.

    Is there some incompatibility that anyone would be aware of? I had both working at one time but it does not seem to work going forward now.

    I have done a hard reboot to try reinstalling everything from fresh. Same issues.

    (Double weird - when Google calendar is not synced, the gmail calendar account does show that "Events" are selected [this screen is located in the options where you left to right swipe once inside the calendar app itself])
    10-23-2015 01:44 PM

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