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    When I traded up to S6, I used SmartSwitch to copy my S5. Afterwards, my S5 was wiped by T-Mobile for sale. The S6 malfunctioned later that day, and when I returned to the store they were unable to fix the problem and performed a hard factory reset. (I have since learned that the problem is common on the S6 and there are other solutions before the factory reset - should have checked the Internet first!) Since they had already wiped my S5, all my data was lost. Google said my last backup was the day before; however, it would only give me messages and calls up to May 4th, 10 contacts, and all of my older photos were lost. T-Mobile used to hold your contacts, but apparently they stopped sometime this spring. Lookout was also a letdown. Is my stuff anywhere?
    10-23-2015 03:48 PM

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