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    hi guy ..
    i have huawei mytouch u8680 (T-Mobile) .. i wanted update to new ROM becauz get an arabic language but can't install NEW_ROM.zip showed (E:\ error mount) .. then i entered on (purple screen) by pressing on power button with vol (- , +) .. after that i did checking by avira anti virus is catch 1700 virus .. after cleaning it I tried again but no avail .. then i entered to (purple screen) and slow format (wipe) Then it was the size of memory 230 MB almost and after format became 4 GB almost .. i did copy recovery file at is was but a mobile is died after rebooting won't turn on even a green light for charger is not working and It didn't acquainted on the computer .. When I install the charger its heat up (normally) .. i researched a lot for its firmware but I didn't get it because i wanna try again install by (SP Flash Tool) .. pleas help me i hopeless
    10-23-2015 05:11 PM

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