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    Tried to get an answer from Samsung; all I could get from them was a link to their Branded name USB Car Charger that I would bet is not made by them....and of course, expensive.

    My SamSung S6 Wall Charger Specs is a Rapid Charger with specs 5V; 2.1A.

    I have a Car USB Charger (plug it into the auto's Cigarette Lighter slot) it's Spec's are 5V; 2.4A (It is actually 2 USB Slots ea at 2.4A). My question to Samsung was can I use this Car Charger at 2.4A to charge my S6 given its wall/House charger is 2.1A? They wouldn't answer the question.

    The manufacturer of the USB Charger I have says no problem because the S6 Charging Circuitry will limit/cap the charge rate so using the 5V; 2.4A Car charger will charge at no higher rate than the phone will allow; so, in other words this 2.4A Charger will charge the Phone exactly at the same rate as the Factory Wall charger...which is 2.1A.

    Is this correct? I can use the non-Samsung branded USB Car charger that I have with the Specs of 5V; 2.4A. I always thought USB Charging was equal no matter what the source, ie...Computer....etc

    All Feedback will be appreciated.
    10-24-2015 09:37 AM

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