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    Sorry all, I already asked the following question without creating an account. Someone replied and told me to delete any .nomedia files and then clear cache/data in gallery settings. I tried that (couldn't find .nomedia by doing search on device's file explorer, so I did a search by connecting my phone by USB to my laptop and then using Window's explorer's search function. I found one incidence of .nomedia and deleted it. I then had to 'clear data' as the clear cache option was disabled but clearing data obviously cleared the cache also. After doing this and going back into gallery - the images still don't appear. Instead all I see is a grey/black background with a triangle with an exclamation mark through it in the middle. The same as before!

    I went to reply to the question and a pop up prompted me to create an account. I did so thinking I'd be able to access my question after doing so but I've not been able to find it, so having to post again. Sorry. this is the question I asked:

    I've had issues with SD card storage on my HTC One M8 device for some time now. It recently went for repair and, as part of that process, the repair centre did a software factory reset so I've pretty much been able to rule out software issues since the same problem I had before persists.

    I have a 64GB SD card in my HTC phone. I know the card is fine as it works in other devices and also in my laptop's SD slot. I've tried to switch anything I can to SD storage to save space on the device memory but although I should be able to select SD storage for both some apps, and to save images and video from the camera, I've never been able to and still can't now.

    Running short on device memory, I changed the storage of those apps that would allow me to 'move to SD'. as soon as I did this, the apps were corrupted and unusable and if I tried to open them - I got an error saying the app wasn't installed. It's not so much of a issue now since my phone was factory reset, I'm happy keeping the apps I have no stored on the device. My problem is now one I've always had saving photos etc to the SD card.

    I've changed the storage setting in the phone's camera app to 'SD storage'. However, every photo I take using this setting ends up corrupted and I cannot view it. When I go into gallery, all I see where the image should be is a greyish/black background with a triangle with an exclamation mark through the middle.

    When I press and hold the same image and select 'details'' I get the information which shows there is data stored there. It gives the size of the file as 1.83MB, rather than the zero I'd expect if there was nothing there.

    I've been unable to find a similar question and a solution anywhere online, and I need to resolve this, I don't have enough device memory to store them all there (never had this problem with images taken set to be stored on device) and I don't want to risk losing any more photos that can never be taken again.

    Also, I have tried third party gallery apps but they won't display the pictures either, same blank image and a 'can't load' error when I tap on it to open.

    If anyone has a solution, please share it. Will be much appreciated since I can't seem to find any working solution to this, at all

    Thanks all

    10-24-2015 12:04 PM

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