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    This new Galaxy s6 (Verizon) is my first android, switching over from iPhone 5s, so bear with me.

    To transfer my contacts to my samsung, I used the Verizon backup assistant on the iphone to store the contacts, and then easily uploaded them onto the Samsung once it was up and running. In perhaps my ignorance, I allowed it to also sync my google contacts (which I'm guessing may just be contacts associated with my gmail account, and any contact information each person has included in their profile information?). So now I can see both verizon and google contacts in my list.

    The initial concern is that I want one consistent, fully-functioning list. I know I can view just one or the other contact lists, but they are both there. I spent a lot of time cleaning up my contact list and trying to delete unneeded contacts, update old information, and get it all set for the new phone. However, many times it would tell me that deleting certain phone contacts would only hide their information. I don't want to hide it, I want to be cleaning up just one contact list. Now it looks like my changes and deletes occurred on either contact list, so viewing just one of them doesn't reflect changes (unintentionally) made to the other list.

    The second concern is that somehow, I have duplicate events (birthdays) showing on my phone's calendar (the one that comes on the phone, not the independent google calendar), which I would just prefer to not have.

    Since this is a new phone, I wanted to get started with it with everything organized and cleaned up, but I seem to have made some uninformed decisions when setting up the phone.

    A followup question is, does anyone have advice on which contact list is best to use? Unless anyone has great advice for a fix here, I'm inclined to backup my contacts, delete them all from my phone, and then build them from scratch into just one version of contacts. If that's the case, though, I'm not real sure which one (verizon, google, or perhaps other) is the smartest to use.
    10-24-2015 02:49 PM

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