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    I have been struggling with this ever since I got this phone. I decided to go from an Iphone to a Samsung S6 Edge. I never had many problems getting the keypad to get what I was texting correct on my iphone, or at least close enough it could figure it out. But I am struggling with the Samsung. I am generally a fast typer and I can not explain how bad it was the first week, it could not get one word right, not even close. So I tried using the gesture typing. It was better but it was still so annoying since I had to watch my fingers more so and it would get the wrong words and I spent so much time proof reading and correcting long texts. So I went back to the standard texting.

    I don't generally look at my hands when I text, but it seems like my fingers might slide a little and it keeps picking up letters when my fingers release and not when it hits. Also, It keeps going to numbers. Above the first line on the keyboard it has numbers above the letters. I hit T and it does 5, I hit R it does a 4. Is there a way to turn this off??? I am not on the numbers screen I am on the qwerty keyboard but it keeps swapping to the numbers when I hit that top row of letters.

    It is taking me way too long to text and it is becoming unbearably frustrating. Other than going super slow and texting like grandma IDK what to do.

    Now it is creating things like qt54rls in my spell check so when I keep trying to retype a word it is bringing up these crazy spelling suggestions.
    10-25-2015 12:13 AM

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