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    I've Unlocked, and Rooted my EVO 4G LTE.
    It has TWRP Recovery and installed SuperSU.

    Now I need to find the right, stable, smooth, ROM to flash. I would be happy with basic Android. I don't understand what features I'd want from a custom ROM.

    I'm planning to use this as a wifi Internet, email, camera device without cellular service.

    I assume that by getting rid of HTC Sense and all the extra bloat apps that Sprint and HTC had on there that I can keep this device running as a smooth Android tool.

    I'd be happy with the latest Android version that will run well on it. (I've had the experience of Lollipop on an old Nexus 7 2012 WiFi and it doesn't work well. Very lagggy. So I flashed that one all the way back to JellyBean to get it run smoothly.) So for this EVO 4G LTE, I don't know if it will handle a more recent Android or not. I'm willing to try custom ROMs if they are stable and complete (the main features work well, etc.)

    I am inexperienced in rooting / flashing. I used the Universal Toolkit after unlocking to flash TWRP and root with SuperSU. That worked.

    So I need help in finding the right ROM and the very basic how-to of installing it. Thanks.
    10-25-2015 10:07 AM

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