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    I copied some videos from my laptop to the phone a few days ago, and despite Windows Explorer notifying me that "this video may not play on your device," it played on the phone anyways. Yesterday, I copied a few more videos and this time no videos would play on the Gallery application. I don't mean just the videos I recently copied, but all videos whether they be new, old, copied from the laptop, or downloaded directly into the phone. The result of selecting a video to play in Gallery is that the phone shuts the screen off. Then, you can't turn it back on unless you hold the power button to turn it off, then turn it back on. Videos will play in different applications like ES File Explorer but only the Gallery is having problems. I have cleared the app data for Gallery, and nothing changed. I also reset the data in the View Video application.
    10-25-2015 11:11 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Where did you get the videos from? Are they videos that you took with a camera, or videos ripped from a DVD, or downloaded from a website?

    Go to Settings>Apps>All, select Gallery, and Clear Cache/Clear Data, then Force Stop. Now try again.
    10-25-2015 08:52 PM

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