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    My wife, who is now an American and lives with me in Chicago, grew up in Tanzania, Africa. She visits there every once in a while, and wants a phone that works in both places. I got her a Note 4 factory unlock (H model) because it was GSM. It did work in Africa, but here it doesn't pick up LTE, which is very frustrating for her.

    Even though it's a phone, for her it's more of a camera with internet, and she constantly sends photos to Facebook or whatever, so she needs LTE or at least 4G of some sort. We decided to sell the Note 4 and get a Galaxy S6. But which one? I found a good deal for a SM-G9208, but will it work here? There are 10 different model numbers, and I need one unlocked without all the bloatware, and according to the Samsung web site, they all look pretty much the same, except the CDMA ones. Which one do I get? We are currently on T-Mobile GSM, and I get LTE on my 5S Active, but it's an unlocked ATT phone with all the ATT crap on it that we don't want. Thanks.
    10-26-2015 01:04 PM

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