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    I have a Samsung tablet. I have 5000 mp3 files on my Mac arranged in folders by artist. If I transfer 50 folders which have a total 1000 to my android device, I then can see them in my file folder which I named MP3_all on my tablet. Then I try to build a play list. When I touch the + to add, I get a flat list of 1000 files to browse. I want a list of other play lists, not all 1000. How do I manage this?

    Is there an iTunes like app for android? No on-line streaming stuff. I only have wi-fi. And,,,,, we can't us a streaming/cloud type system when we are on a 3 week river trip down the grand canyon. The music needs to be loaded on the device.

    Every app I have tried is the same. There has got to be a way.

    I want to manage using play lists, then build new playlists of favorite by browsing the lists I already have. It's a ridiculous to get a list of everything. I just want to select for ACDC or Eric Clapton etc.

    Getting ready to buy a new phone but won't stay with android if I don't find an easy answer to this one.

    I know an app must be there and someone must know which one it is.
    10-26-2015 02:54 PM

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