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    Hi All,

    Need to get a replacement phone ASAP. Don't need the latest and greatest as I was fine with my S3 until it died today.

    Saw some unlocked refurb S5's on groupon for $230 which sounds like a good deal. It says it will work with GSM which T-mobile is I believe (I'm kinda clueless about this stuff).

    My plan is that $30 T-Mobile plan with 5GB high speed/unlimited data and 100 min talk time and I want to keep using that plan.

    How does it work, can I just pop my current sim card in them and be good to go? Is there any problems I might have getting it to work with my current plan? I'm assuming I just call T-Mobile and have them setup the new phone?

    Any help would really be appreciated!
    10-26-2015 06:26 PM

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