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    On past phones I've been able to increase the ring time using these instructions:
    On your phone, dial *#61# and click Send.
    Some information should be displayed: number that the calls are being forwarded to and the delay before the forwarding engages (note: on some phones, like Sony Ericsson the delay is not reported).
    Write down the number (including +1)
    Dial **61*+1xxxyyyzzzz*11*30# and hit Send. +1xxxyyyzzzz is the number you wrote down previously, 30 is the delay in seconds. The delay can be set in 5 second increments, 30 is maximum
    Dial *#61# to verify that the new settings are active (note: if your phone doesn't display the delay, you will have to place a test call to it instead from a different phone).

    But on the 5x it doesn't seem to work. When I do the *#61# it just shows me settings, but no number.

    any ideas on how this phone works for increasing the ring time? This is for AT&T as well.

    The reason I like to increase the time is then if it's a Google Voice call it will go to GV voicemail vs personal voice mail
    10-27-2015 11:40 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's not something AT&T has changed - I just checked it with my Note 3 and it worked, so it's something in the Nexus. Call AT&T customer service (or go into a store) and ask them to reset the time delay for you. (Or pop your SIM into a phone the codes work oon long enough to change the delay time.)
    10-27-2015 07:38 PM

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