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    I have a Galaxy Note 2, SGH-I317M I successfully flashed a custom recovery, twrp-, and then successfully flashed cyanogenmod cm-12.1-20151007-SNAPSHOT-YOG4PAO337-t0lte.
    I downloaded and set up a series of apps without difficulty and the phone functioned fine for several days. Finally I downloaded Chainfire SuperSU. I don't remember if I launched it or if what happened happened immediately upon installing it.
    At any rate the Note 2 booted into the TWRP Recovery Mode and I have not been able to get out of it.
    Moreover, my computer (Windows 7, 64bit) which always recognized the phone will now not recognize it.
    I have tried removing the battery of the phone. On replacement it boots immediately into TWRP Recovery.All of the TWRP boot options put me right back into recovery.
    I have reinstalled the Samsung USB drivers. Upon re-connecting the phone I got the standard message that the phone was working, etc. . I get the standard sound from the computer (not the phone) when connecting or disconnecting the phone via USB cable. The phone does, however, appear in Device Manager as soon as the phone is connected, and disappears when the phone is disconnected, but it does not appear in Explorer so I can't access it via the computer.
    From TWRP I can boot into Download Mode by using the buttons (Home, Vol. Down, Power) but not from the TWRP UI. From Download mode it will only boot back into Recovery mode.
    Odin does not recognize the phone, so I can't flash anything else.
    I have not been able to find any significant help so far after searching the net for several hours.
    10-27-2015 08:33 PM

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