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    Okay, so I was flashing an OFFICIAL Android Lollipop 5.0.2 ROM to my Galaxy A3 it worked beautifully but later I've noticed that Xposed Framework wont install on this version of Lollipop and I'm a die-hard user of Xposed Framework or lemme say I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT XPOSED !!! so I seeked Android forums and found some useful ways and solutions using the custom recovery but the problem was that there WAS'NT ANY custom recovery for Galaxy A300H (A3 DUOS) except one, and that was the modified version of TWRP recovery so I flashed it to my phone. It worked but! the problem was Xposed couldnt be installed using the TWRP it needed CWM or PhilZ. So I give up and tried to re-install KitKat (my previous and original ROM) but ... **** happened!
    During the flashing suddenly Odin returned FAIL and the phone just JAMMED! I forcely rebooted the phone and this WAS THE LAST TIME I SAW THE BOOTLOADER cause no bootloader, no SAMSUNG logo, no preloader and NO DOWNLOAD MODE was appearing. The only thing my phone does is ******* buzzing and VIBRATING. And oh, NO LED too!

    So I searched Google for more than 7 hours yesterday but I did'nt found any thing for A3 (My Device) so I'm just asking you guys one question :
    AM I ****ED UP ?

    Answers :
    No (if no then what should I do!!!???)
    I can't follow your replies here so please please please notify me on Facebook ..

    Here i Am >>> facebook*com/Abdullah.Parsi
    10-28-2015 12:38 AM

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