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    I bought the phone exactly Doogee DG700, generally proved to be a very cool everything works nicely, but after the first talk test - appear problem. When i call or someone call to me the voice from me is very poor, sometimes person on the other side hear echoes, sometime distorted voice. They say that I was sitting in a bottle, or talking through a thick rag.
    What I did :
    - I change microphone on 255 in-service menu in engineering mode. Unfortunately, that wont help.
    - I read that a lot of people have such a problem, but the problem disappears when you turn off the "Noise Reduction" or "strengthen the voice " I couldnt find this option. Android 5.0 in the event.
    - Recorded video, voice recorder - it seems to me quietly, but without distortion, and you can hear everything well, so microphone is working and is not badly soldered or placed.

    What do you think ? I thought to downgrade 4.4 system?
    It seems to me that the system is trying something to clear the voice but to much.

    Do you have any ideas?
    I'm already powerless
    10-28-2015 03:43 AM

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