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    Looking for a decent holster that will fit a slim case.

    I had a Seidio holster for my GS4 and it worked great for 2.5 years until recently when I forced the belt clip and broke it (while sitting in a car it interfered with the seatbelt because of the location/position of the belt loops on my pants). I used it with a minimal Poetic case because I did not like the one the Seidio one that was designed to go with the holster.

    Now that I'm looking at buying an LG G4 in the near future, I'm in the exact same situation. I have been researching my options and I like the look of the Seidio Dilex holster (really haven't found very many out there) but I don't like the case that goes with it.

    For the record, I dislike bulk, plain and simple.
    Phones like this are going to crack mainly from the edges first. The back is not very vulnerable and a thick screen protector will take care of the front except for really severe drops. A decent bumper case is all that is needed, no Otterbox Defender for me -I'm not a mountain biker or in the military. I'm not even clumsy.

    So what am I getting at: I want to know if there are more belt clip holster option out there that I have missed? Prefer low(er) cost too but will buy the Seidio if I have to...

    Thanks for your input!
    10-28-2015 10:21 AM

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